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Burma to India – one long walk: pg 1

Here is the exact text reproduced below। I’ve tried to keep everything, even the punctuations the same as in the original. Please let me have your feedback. This is meant to be a 'family' blog, so some family participation is essential for it to survive. எதாவது சொல்லணும், இல்லை என்றால் it's just a waste of my time.

The war started on 25th December, 1941, Xmas day at midnight. But before the commencement of war, Japanese warned that they will fight with British in Burma. So to bear and escape the after effects of bombing, British trained us how to behave during air raids. This training was given to us during night time after complete black out i.e., no light. Even a small bed room light should not burn. Before the enemy planes visited Burma, we had a warning by the sound of a siren which will make a huge noise which can be heard about 5 miles radius.

On the first day, i.e., 25th December, 1941 when the siren sounded at about 11-00 P.M in the night, all the people took shelter below big buildings or in the shelter specially constructed on the roads. On the first day, the Japanese threw bombs from the plane on the ships with supplies and a good number of trucks in the Irawaddy wharf and on the post office and Telegraph Office. Many ships and big buildings were damaged on the Ist. day bombing on Rangoon. In this manner Japanese bombed Rangoon, the Capital of Burma for about a month intermittently and caused heavy damage. Once a gentle man was near a big building which was also a target for bombing. The siren sounded. According to the rules after the siren sounds, there was strict orders that nobody should be outside or be on the road. But disobeying this he drove his car to his house as his wife and children were there. The building opposite to his car was damaged considerably but he escaped as he went away in his car. This shows that there is God who takes care of us and guides us in all our actions. ** In February, 1942, we were asked to go to Mandalay, as our office was shifted there. As trains could not
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** The whole of January, 1942 there were no bus service or trains regularly and offices were not working.

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