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Burma to India – one long walk: Pg 3

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We took rest in the afternoon and again started walking at 3 PM and stopped at dusk near a camp at about 6.30PM. We were given at the camp rice and dhal out of which we prepared pongal. First, we were a group of 20 with a cook to prepare our food. As the cook could not walk and do service to us, we split into groups of four and did cooking. Our kit consisted of stove, coffee powder, sugar, kerosene, etc.

Our personal belongings consisted of a pair of shirts, a pair of dhoties, small jamakalam, a rug and a hand bag to stuff our things. In the nights, we had to sleep on the floor. On the way, the local people distributed peas etc, pitying us. Thus, we trekked for about 18 days. Nearly about 5000 people, old and young and children were marching.

One day we had to go through a forest early morning. As we entered the forest there was the roar of a tiger. Children were crying. When the tiger smells human movements, they will come near to us. But our colleague Aaru, said he will imitate the voice of a tiger and did it. However, by God’s grace, no harm was done to us and we escaped. This instance also shows that God will protect us during our trying times.

One day we were resting near some paddy field. All of a sudden there was heavy rain. So we took shelter under a banyan tree. After sunrise, we enquired if there were people nearby. We were told that there were Gurkhas near by with cows and buffaloes. So we went to them and purchased good milk and ghee. We prepared good good coffee and enjoyed the same. As the Gurkhas there did not know to prepare good coffee, we gave coffee to them also.

Next day we were at the next camp and prepared food out of rice and ate. Then our rice stock was exhausted. Then I remarked our rice stock was over and that if God gives us rice only, we can proceed further. Immediately a man appeared before us with a big basket of rice. We purchased the rice. Then I said “We see


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umm oviya said...

wow... could be my grandparents!!!!!!!! my dad the eldest son, at 11 was incharge of his mother and younger siblings, during the passage to cal, and there, till my granddad foot it from rangoon... unfortunately, neither of my grandparents are there to give me the story, and my dad is tightlipped.

Castor aka Kiwilax said...

V: interesting. Did they walk during WWII as well? I can imagine that it could have been a painful experience for your dad. Maybe that's why he doesn't want to talk of it. For me, it was more a story that my granddad used to tell me when I was a little girl. Do ask your dad to read this, who knows, he and my thatha may have travelled together then!!!

Anonymous said...

It is great to read all this.. I can almost imagine our thatha narrating this piece.. just see their goodwill even at trying times - they made coffee for themselves but offered to the locals as well. What a difficult time it must have been - all this time he must have not known how paati and the kids were.


umm oviya said...

sure will ask him too... my dad didnt walk, his dad did. my dad had to take care of his mum and siblings...

Castor aka Kiwilax said...

Vid: yes, that and belief in God. Thatha and patti were very humane people with all the right values.

V: Oh, sorry, my bad. yes, do let me know if you dad reads this.