Thursday, 17 July 2008

Burma to India – one long walk: Pg 6

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After a few days I was discharged from the hospital. Then I went to Trichinopoly and stayed with Pacha* for about ten days. Then I went to Kodaikanal and stayed with my brother-in-law Mr. Soundararaja Iyengar. Here I stayed for about 20 days. In Kodaikanal I enjoyed the stay. I used to go to the Boat Club for which he ws the Secretary. I used to go with him in the boat which he used to row in the lake.

After about a month, I came to Sevilimedu and stayed there. In July, 1942 I was called to Allahabad to join office. I proceeded to Allahabad. After a few months, I was transferred to Kolhapur. I stayed at Kolhapur for a few months.

Iti samaaptam
*Pacha was another of my grandfather's brothers.


Anonymous said...

Kodai is a great place.. finally a good break for thatha after a lot of struggle. Btw, who is Sri Soudararaja Iyengar? Thatha's BIL as in one of Patti's brothers? (Dont think so since I know only Raaghu thatha and Venkatesa thatha).. maybe I just dont know the person he's talking about. Do you?
Btw, thanks for the translation.. it was great reading it.. you managed to carry the readers with u.

Pollux aka Paps said...

Thanks Vid.
Soundaraja Iyengar was thatha's sister's husband.
As I said earlier, this whole episode is in thatha's 'voice'. I am glad you liked it.
My next project is to see if I can inputs from you all on memories. email them to me and they can go on the blog too.